Board of Directors

Wendy Johnson, Founder

Wendy has over 17 years of experience volunteering for various dog rescue organizations and has fostered over 100 dogs out of her home.  Upon moving in 2015 to Melbourne, Florida, from Syracuse, NY, Wendy became a volunteer at South Animal Care Center in Brevard.  She witnessed first-hand how many senior dogs were being surrendered, left as strays out in the community, and were left to languish in their kennels on hard cement floors.  Many of these dogs were in desperate need of medical care, or in danger of being euthanized.  


As the President/Founder of a profitable Recruitment firm (her "real job“ for over 15 years), Wendy understands the business aspects and invests 100% in everything she does, using 51% brain and 49% heart.  That balance led her to start a new Non-Profit Organization dedicated solely to saving senior dogs from shelters or other inhumane situations.  Touch of Grey Rescue (ToG) was formed in February 2019, with Wendy as President and a team of other passionate volunteers.  Together with the ToG team, Wendy has developed and executed a structured organization using streamlined processes for intake, fostering, adoption, software tracking, events, fundraising, and more.  


Wendy lives with her husband, Pete, in Melbourne Beach with their 3 rescue dogs and two rescue cats. Mr. Pete is extremely supportive of Wendy’s efforts, and works from home for AMT Technologies, located in Deerfield Beach.  Tucker is their 17 year old lab/beagle mix and serves as the inspiration and brand ambassador for the Touch of Grey Rescue logo.  Wendy and her husband are also the proud foster parents of two 17 year old girls, also known as their ‘two-leggers”.  When she’s not in the trenches saving animals, Wendy advocates for her foster youth, teaches foster parenting teen classes, and is the author of an upcoming children’s book series based on real life rescue dogs and their stories of redemption.  Wendy’s first book “Farkle Finds A Furever Home” is based on the true story of her narcoleptic rescue dog named Farkle.  Wendy has essentially relinquished her recruitment involvement to her team in order to follow her passion to help animals and children.

Misaki Robinson - Director of Operations

Misaki lived in Japan and worked at veterinary clinics prior to moving to the United States with her husband, who was relocated with the U.S. Navy. Misaki fostered dogs for San Antonio Pet Alive in Texas, before moving to Brevard County, Florida in 2016. Upon her arrival, Misaki enrolled to volunteer at the South Animal Care Center in Brevard. She volunteered at the shelter for four years, showing up consistently more than three times weekly to ensure dogs got adequate potty breaks and socialization. She walked over 100 dogs every month and used her iPhone to capture the most adorable photos which promoted these shelter dogs for adoption on social media. This volunteer experience ultimately changed Misaki’s career trajectory and led her to start her own pet sitting services company, Home Buddy. Misaki and her husband are the proud ‘pawrents’ of a rescue dog named Dolly, who was at risk of being euthanized at a shelter due to length of stay and her need to be the only pet in the house. Although Dolly prefers to be the queen of her castle, Misaki manages to help quite often with fostering dogs on a temporary basis for Touch of Grey Rescue, taking great care to keep the dogs separated.


As a part of the Touch of Grey Rescue team, Misaki is our eyes and ears at our local shelter putting senior dogs on our radar. She takes photos, helps promote them for foster, and coordinates rescue missions. Misaki is accredited with starting our Doggie Uber transport service that gives shelter dogs their freedom rides home! She also serves as our Intake coordinator, entering information on each rescue into our tracking system, processes appropriate paperwork, manages microchip transfers, and much more. Misaki also hosts online auctions and attends the majority of our community events. There is no rest for this ultimate ambassador for the ToG dogs. Words of wisdom from this integral part of our BOD; “Being a part of this great team has given me so much more to help the voiceless, homeless dogs. When we started out in 2019, we had no idea that we would save over 200 dogs in two years. And I am confident that we’ll keep growing and do many more great things for these dogs, working together with our volunteers, supporters and donors!”

Leslie Snyder - Director of Outreach

Leslie is a lifelong resident of Brevard County,  and her rescue life started in 2006 when somebody mistook her for another woman named Leslie, who happened to be involved with rescue.  This led to Leslie getting involved with Italian Greyhound rescue, and subsequently heading up the Florida Chapter of IGRF from 2006 – 2010.  During that time, Leslie had at least 250 little dogs bunk at her house, anywhere from one night, to longer than a year, and with some leaving for the Rainbow Bridge.  Leslie’s mission has always been fostering.  “My house is good, somebody else’s house is better, ” is something she says often.


Leslie has been employed by Brevard County since 2005 and intends to retire from Brevard County when it’s time.  She works in the Utilities Department as an accountant, but her real ‘life’ is after hours.  Leslie’s four-legged roommates are superstars, and she can’t imagine her life without several dogs.  Leslie is the proud parent to a grown daughter, who is an occupational therapist and a dog mom.  Leslie met Wendy and Misaki quite coincidentally, when she adopted a senior, sickly dog named Hercules from SACC in January of 2019.  Hercules is accredited with taking Leslie’s life in a new and exciting direction when Touch of Grey Rescue was formed.   


Leslie’s favorite part of rescue is outreach.  She enjoys meeting new people and dogs that will further their mission and attends most ToG events out in the community with her sidekick Misaki.  Leslie says “Breaking a dog out of the shelter and driving them off to their new life chokes me up every time.  Pairing a dog with their new home, there's nothing better!  Meeting like-minded families and business professionals who want to help just solidifies what we're doing, is a great thing.  I know I was born to be a volunteer, and there’s no better feeling than being a voice for the voiceless, the senior dog population in Brevard County and surrounding areas.” 

Cindy Harrowsmith - Director

Cindy has been a resident of Brevard County since 1977.  She is a broker and owns a real estate company.  Cindy has 4 dogs, 2 cats, and would have more if she could fit them all in her house.


Cindy was first introduced to the rescue business by a friend of hers who was rescuing two dogs from SACC.  Her friend had to leave town and asked Cindy if she could take them for the weekend.  If she didn’t take them, they would have been euthanized.  Cindy couldn’t believe any dog should be euthanized and so of course she took them for the weekend.  She was hooked on helping these animals get out of the shelters. Cindy and her friend both became part of the chihuahua rescue, and continued to pull dogs out of dire situations, fostering them and finding them homes. Cindy was then asked to join Aiding Animals Shelter Project.  She continued with them for many years, trying to help the shelter but still felt a void as she wanted to do something more to help animals.  Cindy joined Friends For Animals Sanctuary (FFAS) where she served as Foster Coordinator and eventually, became President.  FFAS rescued many dogs over the years and found them forever homes.  After she left FFAS, Cindy proposed a plan to SACC to get pit bulls and other large breed dogs transported to New Hampshire and Maine. She found SPCA’s and Humane Societies up North that would take these dogs and find them homes. Cindy has saved over 120 dogs and coordinated them to their new homes through flights and animal transport vehicles.


Cindy’s mission has always been to try and save as many animals as possible, keep them safe and find them loving homes.  When she was asked to join Touch of Grey Rescue, she jumped at the chance to save more lives.  Cindy days:  “Wendy, Leslie and Misaki are incredible women, and their dedication to these animals is amazing.  This was an attraction for me as my next volunteer opportunity.  The ToG support team of fosters, transporters, event volunteers and vets are just unbelievable, and I am so glad to be a part of the team and back to saving as many animals as possible”.