Farkle and Friends Kickstarter

How many times have I said "I need to write a book about this"?  A lot.  Well I finally wrote one, and I need your help getting it published!  My name is Wendy Johnson and I have spent 15+ years in dog rescue prior to starting Touch of Grey Rescue (ToG), a foster-based senior dog rescue based in Melbourne Beach, Florida.  Always a fan of the underdog, I started ToG specifically to help senior and special needs shelter dogs get out of shelters and into loving foster and adoptive homes.  Since February 2019 we've saved over 350 dogs, many of whom would have otherwise been euthanized. 

Through my experience in rescue I have met hundreds of dogs, each with their own unique story.  As I started telling some of these stories on the rescue Facebook page, I realized I had tapped into something powerful. The characters are captivating, lovable and often unforgettable.  Their stories are sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes inspiring, but always seem to touch the hearts of readers.  Every dog that comes to us teaches us a lesson or two throughout their journey in rescue.  These stories and lessons have fueled my passion and have been bouncing around in my head for years.

I have always loved children's books, and I think this is the perfect genre to bring more awareness to rescue, breathe life into some of these characters, and bring them into the homes and hearts of children and their families.  And what better dog to base the series on than Farkle?  Farkle is a cropped eared, block headed, narcoleptic American Bully that falls into a deep slumber when eating or encountering new and exciting smells.  The first book in the series, "Farkle Finds A Furever Home" is based on the true story of how this special dog came into our lives, captivated our hearts, and how we just couldn't let him go.   

Book Description

A dog named Farkle is abandoned by his family at the animal shelter. There, he meets a wise old beagle named Miles who helps him understand why they aren’t getting adopted.  Once Farkle learns he has special needs, he worries nobody will ever want him.  One day, a rescue lady visits the shelter.  Could this be Farkle’s chance to find the furever home all shelter dogs dream about?


 Based on a true story, Farkle Finds A Furever Home is a rescue tale about love, acceptance, and never giving up hope. Through lighthearted, yet realistic storytelling by first time author and Touch of Grey Rescue Founder Wendy Johnson, readers will learn about pet abandonment, overcrowded shelters, and the need for animal rescue. Farkle’s big blocky head and human-like eyes are brought to life through stunningly vivid illustrations by Leslie Harrington. Children and adults alike will find themselves rooting for Farkle, while falling in love with his silly, sweet, and sleepy disposition.  A portion of proceeds from every book sale will go to Touch of Grey Rescue, a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization that saves over 100 senior and special needs dogs every year.

And that's not all!  We are working on a Farkle plushie that should be ready just in time for the Holidays.  Any additional funds raised over my Kickstarter goal will be invested into making this 8" plushie come to life!  A portion of proceeds from every book and plushie sold will come back to Touch of Grey Rescue.

I have also finished writing the 2nd book in the Farkle and Friends series "'Twas the Night Before Pawmas" and have started the 3rd book "Tucker and The Rainbow Bridge".  If you contribute to my Kickstarter campaign, you will help bring Farkle and many other rescue tails to life.  There is no shortage of rescue tails and no telling where this book series can go.  Wouldn't it be great to have plush versions of each dog?!  The ideas are endless.....

And don't forget, a portion of proceeds from every sale will go back to Touch of Grey Rescue, so you will also be helping to save lives.  Thank you for your support!