Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for volunteers to join the Touch of Grey Rescue family! 

Fundraising Manager


Responsibilities: Leads the Events Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, and Donor Database Administrator, to brainstorm new ideas on fundraising opportunities, all while working as a team to ensure donor database is tapped into and events are fully staffed. 


Requirements: Good communication, leadership and teamwork, creative ideas, ability to implement and drive ideas to fruition.  


Events Coordinator


Responsibilities:  Ensures all events are fully staffed by volunteers, organizes logistics for all events including catering, gift baskets, raffle items, etc.  Works as a team to implement and ensure organization and event success.  Maintains a calendar of events and works with website administrator and social media team to ensure publicity. 


Requirements:  Excellent communication, teamwork, organization and attention to detail. Plays nicely with others!


Marketing Coordinator


Responsibilities:  Designs marketing material including but not limited to: flyers, newsletters, business cards, promotional items, informational packets for volunteers, fosters and adopters.  Works with Fundraising Manager to develop material needed for events, email marketing and direct mail. 


Requirements:  Marketing background preferred but not necessary.  Must have excellent written communication with creative & fun ideas.    


Donor Database Administrator


Responsibilities:  Manage Donor Database to track donor information, thank donors, engage with donors, research trends, solicit for more donations.  Find creative ways to obtain more donors to add to the database.


Requirements:  Excellent written communication, technically savvy, ability to develop fundraising campaigns through the database by email marketing, direct mail, phone calls.


Events Volunteers


Responsibilities: To attend events, help set up and tear down booth, sell merchandise, hand out flyers, and talk to the general public about our mission while driving more foot traffic to our online store.   


Requirements: Excellent public interfacing skills, ability to work with Square for payment processing, reliability and punctuality are a must.


Transport Coordinator


Responsibilities: Maintains a list of transport volunteers, and works quickly and efficiently to fulfill transport requests as soon as they come in.  Ensure transport volunteers follow guidelines. 


Requirements: Must be available days and weekends to respond to transport requests and have a sense of urgency in filling transport requests, as they are sometimes needed on a moments notice.


Transport Drivers


Responsibilities:  Pick up dogs at shelters, foster homes or other locations and bring them to where they need to be.  May include vet appointments.


Requirements:  Must have vehicle, and physical ability to keep dog safe on leash from car to other places, and secured safely in vehicle. 


Home Check Coordinator


Responsibilities: Takes requests from foster and adoption coordinators to coordinate a home check for applicants.  Maintains a list of volunteers in various areas of the County willing to conduct home checks, and works to get them completed in a timely manner.  Ensures volunteers are following appropriate guidelines, ensuring results of the home check are documented in the database.  Works with intake, foster and adoption coordinators to communicate feedback on home checks. 


Requirements: Good communication, organization, ability to follow up on status, and willingness to learn software database that stores information.     


Home Check Volunteers


Responsibilities:  Drive to potential foster or adoptive homes to survey house and property.  Speak to all family members, ensuring everyone is on board.  Follow home check guidelines, deliver information packet, and give notes on home check to the Home check coordinator.   


Requirements:  Ability to drive to various parts of the county.  Excellent communication skills, with the ability to look for red flags, etc. 


Intake Coordinator


Responsibilities: Enter all new dogs into database with intake paperwork, descriptions, microchip information, and ensure they are spidered to our website and Petfinder.  Works with existing volunteers to obtain creative written descriptions and professional like photos to keep pet profile updated.


Requirements: Detail oriented, ability to work with database and transport team, fosters to obtain videos and information for write ups.


Foster Application Coordinator


Responsibilities: Reviews all incoming foster applications, conducts initial calls, schedules home visit, completes foster training/onboarding, and enters notes into system.  Works with intake team to match appropriate dog based on all information gathered. 


Requirements: Great communication, organization, and presentation skills.  Ability to learn and work in a software database for tracking purposes.  Ability to work with a team.


Volunteer Coordinator


Responsibilities: Reviews all incoming volunteer applications, schedule “interviews” to determine fit, organize and recruit additional volunteers when needed.  Develop volunteer perks and appreciation program, organize volunteer outings, review job descriptions, and work with the board.


Requirements: Excellent people skills, willingness to take a proactive and creative approach.  Ability to stay organized and drama free. 


Adoption Promotions Volunteer


Responsibilities: Works with fosters, board members, fundraising and events teams to promote adoptable dogs, hold adoption events, and develops other ideas to promote our senior dogs for adoption.


Requirements: Creative ideas, ability to implement ideas, good teamwork and communication. Marketing, social media, or promotions background helpful but not necessary.


Grant Writers


Responsibilities:  Research grant opportunities, work on proposals and grant applications.


Requirements: Previous grant writing experience or willingness to take classes.  Proactive, organized, and ability to track grant monies and awards.